Peugeot UK Winter Drive campaign 2017


Join our 210 years celebration and navigate through our history: click on the thumbnails to learn more about 12 key PEUGEOT milestones. 

210 years of history, 210 years of incredible moments.

It was no easy task to pick only 12.
Take a deep dive into our history through 12 videos illustrating the key moments which shaped the brand.



Fear nothing. Only believe.”
Taking it back to 1882. It began with one man’s vision to revolutionise transportation. Starting with bicycles and then advancing to automobiles, Armand’s passion for anything on wheels and a keen curiosity to do things differently has driven PEUGEOT throughout the ages.



Sand, mud and dust: discover the kingdom PEUGEOT ruled for decades.
After winning the 1978 Safari Rally and then the Constructors’ Championship on its first attempt, PEUGEOT took the rally world by storm. This was just the beginning in a long line of victories that established PEUGEOT’s affinity with on and off-road surfaces, a match made in muddy heaven.


Le Mans 1993

You know what’s better than being on top of the podium? Sweeping it
In 1993, three PEUGEOT 905s were entered into the mythical 24-hour race Le Mans. PEUGEOT wanted to make it a race to remember and that’s exactly what they did. After a gruelling, hard-fought contest, the PEUGEOT’s took 1st, 2nd and 3rd place and a Le Mans legend was born.


6 "Car Of The Year"

Impossible is not PEUGEOT. 
What do 1969, 1988, 2002, 2014, 2017, and 2020 all have in common? Each one is a golden year when PEUGEOT claimed the most prestigious award in car manufacturing: ‘The Car of the Year’. Won 6 times, the most for any car manufacturer.


Pikes Peak

One of the most epic, dangerous and wild hill climbs on the planet. 
In 1998 and ’99 the PEUGEOT 406 T16 won the international hill climb twice in a row. 25 years up the track, the PEUGEOT lion roared again - this time with Sébastien LOEB. He didn’t just win. He smashed the record and set new standards for this epic race to the clouds.


Type 1, 2, 3

Discover the mother of all cars. In 1889 at the Paris World Fair, Armand PEUGEOT showcased his first ever automobile, the steam-powered Type 1. After that, combustion engines were introduced, and the Type 2 and Type 3 followed. The PEUGEOT legacy was born.



When the past meets the future, that’s how legends are born. 
Introduced as a concept car at the Paris Motor Show in 2018, crowds flocked to discover its full-electric engine and future/retro good looks. That’s not all. Thousands petitioned online for this remarkable prototype to be manufactured and the e-Legend will soon become a reality.



Meet the car you couldn't not fall in love with. 
More than just a handy hatchback or an unforgettable first car. The 205 is a French legend and a style icon. From Roland Garros to school runs, it’s won rally championships and the public’s hearts since 1885, selling over 5 million units in 15 years.



One number. One car. One icon.
Elegant, modern and almost more of a fashion statement than a family salon, the PEUGEOT 404 was conceived 60 years ago from the avant-garde designs of Pininfarina. Since then it’s been remade into various versions including a super luxe, a convertible and a station wagon.


The Charlatans at Indy 500

Discover why three young men were given this nickname. And how they proved everyone wrong.
Three young men from PEUGEOT, Georges Boillet, Jules Goux and Paolo Zuccarelli, who saw engines differently, decided to create their own race car. They created the PEUGEOT L76, a revolutionary racer with a lighter, more economical engine. On their 1913 debut they won the Indy 500, the first Europeans to do so.


The Employees

It’s simple. Without them, PEUGEOT wouldn’t exist. 
It’s the people that make PEUGEOT. Their talent and creativity have continued Armand PEUGEOT’s original vision to modernise the automobile, conquering 160 countries and delivering the technology and services that drive PEUGEOT into the future.


The 401 Eclipse

Meet the invention that went through the roof. 
In 1932 George PAULIN dreamt of open-air driving without the inconvenience of a leaking roof. His idea was to make a retractable hard-top roof. After falling in love with the idea, PEUGEOT have been applying PAULIN’s retractable roof to their convertible cars for over 60 years.