508 GT

Peugeot 508 GT and SW GT Line

508 GT

FROM RM202,006.55

The interior of the 508 GT offers the highest level of quality and attention to detail,
from innovative levels of on-board technology like the optional Head-up Display to the automatic dual-zone air conditioning.


Peugeot 508 GT dashboard and touchscreen

Sleek and high quality design puts the dashboard controls and touchscreen display within easy reach. See all the car’s vital information at just a glance. The 508 GT’s entertainment and navigation controls are front and centre in the main touch screen, giving you complete control of your car’s internal environment at the tap of a finger.



A large and spacious interior means the 508 GT has plenty of room for passengers. Designed to make the cabin practical as well as spacious and stunning, the 508 GT is versatile and comfortable for everyone, even if you’re in the back seat.



For optimal individual comfort, there are four air conditioning zones allowing passengers to set the air conditioning temperature and speed to suit their individual requirements. The New 508 GT automatically maintains the dual or quad settings in response to changes outside, keeping everyone happy.



The New 508 GT comes equipped with a number of handy passenger storage options. Store small items in the centre console. Superbly practical for a long journey, meaning you can have everything you need for the trip close at hand. In addition, there are 2 cup holders in the front, and 2 at the back plus bottle holders in each door panel.



Our innovative Head-up Display keeps all the essential driver information, like vehicle speed, speed limiter and distance alert information at eye level. This means it’s much easier to check your speed and keep your eyes on the road.