408 e-THP

Peugeot 408 Saloon

408 e-THP

FROM RM139,750.89

PEUGEOT i-Cockpit


Slim, LED headlamps at the front and rear of the car create a feline appearance, characteristic of Peugeot. And they’re not just for show. Using 50% less energy than standard headlamps, they improve efficiency and contribute to lower CO2 emissions. Full LED headlamps are also available as standard on Allure and GT levels.


Each interior element fits perfectly into the cockpit: very few buttons are visible, the touch screen is an integrated high-tech panel, and the volume controls reflect its high-end character. The dashboard, which is fully covered in foamed plastic, and the satin chrome and glossy black trim reflect the careful attention to detail.


The automatic dual-zone air conditioning of the all-new 408 e-THP means you can have cool air keeping you alert while your passenger enjoys more warmth – or vice versa. The car's climate control feature will automatically maintain the dual temperature settings for you, or you can adjust the controls yourself via the touch screen.