Peugeot Malaysia COVID19 FAQ


  • 1. I would like to purchase a car would it be possible during this time?
  • 2. Will Peugeot Outlet Nationwide be open during the Restricted Order Period?
  • 3. My car service is due during the Restricted Movement Order, would my warranty be void if I miss my appointment?
  • 4. What happens to my car at the Service Center during this Restricted Movement Order? Will it be attended at this time?
  • 5. I am supposed to get my car during the Restrictive Movement Order period, would Peugeot Malaysia be able to deliver?
  • 6. Who could I call if my car breaks down during the Restrictive Movement Order?
  • 7. Will Peugeot Malaysia provide me a replacement car since my vehicle will be held at the Service Centre during the Restricted Movement Order period?
  • 8. Would I still get updates from the Service Centre during the Restricted Movement Order?

As our Showroom is closed, this would not be possible. However, do register your interest and sign up for a test drive on our website at Our sales advisors will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

Referring to the guidelines set by the Malaysian Government under the Restricted Movement Order, All Peugeot outlet nationwide ( Showroom & Service Centres ) will be closed for business from 18th March 2020 - 12th May 2020.

Peugeot Malaysia will still honour the warranty if your service appointment or due date falls within the Restricted Movement Order period.

However, do notify us and make an appointment within 30 days after the Restricted Movement Order being lifted.

Unfortunately no repair work will be carried out on vehicles at the Service Centre.

However, rest assured your car is in safe hands as we have implemented necessary security protocols during the Restricted Movement Order.

Unfortunately, this would not be possible. You would only be able to receive your car once the Restrictive Movement Order is lifted.

Our Roadside Assistance service will remain operational. Owners can call our toll - free number 1800-88-6292.

Unfortunately we won't be able to provide a courtesy car, as our outlets nationwide would be closed.

As Peugeot outlets would be temporarily closed,  Our Customer Service team would still be reachable at our toll-free number 1800-88-6262, via email [email protected] or via Facebook messenger @peugeotmalaysia.

I heard about battery rental. Can I rent a battery?

No – PEUGEOT do not offer battery rental. The battery is included in the price of the vehicle, but you can have the full confidence of an 8 year, 100,000 miles warranty.

Can EVs tow?

No, our electric vehicles cannot tow.

The cost of an EV versus a conventional vehicle

Electric vehicles are more expensive to buy initially, however the running costs are much lower, and there are tax benefits and other incentives - so for many usage cycles this balances out over the period of ownership of the vehicle. We therefore encourage all customers to assess the Total Cost of Ownership of vehicles, rather than initial purchase price.

What plugs do you use?

For full information, see our Charging page….

But in summary:

Our new generation electric vehicles are equipped with CCS (Combined Charging System) sockets, so they can be charged from a standard Type 2 chargepoint, a domestic plug socket, or a public rapid charger.

Our plug-in hybrids have Type 2 sockets – as they don’t need to be rapid charged.

Our older electric vehicles, including Peugeot Partner have Type 1 & CHAdeMO connectors.

Why different cars have different plugs?

Different continents have different charging standards, and many of the first EVs brought into the UK came from Asia and adopted the Japanese standards, known as Type 1 and CHAdeMO. There are gradually being phased out in Europe, as most manufacturers selling cars here now adopt the European standard sockets called Type 2 and CCS.

As domestic plugs differ between countries, the domestic charging cables sold as accessories are different depending on the country.